At Kwan & Co, we take a pre-emptive approach to the threat of insolvency.  We understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for companies facing the risk of insolvency.

Each business is unique, facing a number of challenges and requires a bespoke solution for your business to recover.

This is an understandably emotional time for you and your business colleagues.  There is a clear need to determine whether your business is viable.  The programme we use is to first understand then assess your business and its needs.  We strive to understand the trading challenges and design the appropriate road map to recovery for you.

We have expertise in debt reduction and making the cuts necessary to avoid insolvency.

Our goal is to act in your best interests: safeguarding your business assets and your income.  We know that business worries impact on the home and it is our task to lessen that impact by providing real time solutions.

Don’t delay, the sooner you seek advice the chances of your business surviving are enhanced.  Many business owners are surprised and relieved to discover they had more options available to them than first thought.

If the financial difficulties facing the business are proving too much, we can explain the appropriate options to you: Voluntary Arrangements, Administrations and Liquidations.

If you are in need of guidance or feel things are slipping away, your first steps should be to seek a meeting and share your burdens.

We do not charge for initial meetings and are completely confidential.


KWAN & CO明白到要妥善处理破产风险,是没有单一的解决方案,我们主张各企业以积极主动的态度去面对这些困景。然而,每个企业都需要一套自訂的方案来应付不同的挑战,以正面手法去解除破产危机。